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Saint for the Day - June 25

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All perfection consists in keeping a guard upon the heart. Wherever we are, we can make a solitude in our hearts, detach ourselves from the world, and converse familiarly with God. Let us take St. Prosper of Aquitaine for our example and encouragement.

Saint for the Day - June 25 - St. Prosper of Aquitaine

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Saint for the Day - June 25 - St. Prosper of Aquitaine

St. Prosper was born at Aquitaine, in the year 403. His works show that in his youth he had happily applied himself to all the branches both of polite and sacred learning. On account of the purity and sanctity of his manners, he is called by those of his age a holy and venerable man. Our Saint does not appear to have been any more than a layman; but being of great virtue, and of extraordinary talents and learning, he wrote several works in which he ably refuted the errors of heresy. St. Leo the Great, being chosen Pope in 440, invited St. Prosper to Rome, made him his secretary, and employed him in the most important affairs of the Church.

Our Saint crushed the Pelagian heresy, which began again to raise its head in that capital, and its final overthrow is said to be due to his zeal, learning, and unwearied endeavors. The date of his death is uncertain, but he was still living in 463.

Saint for the Day - St. Prosper of Aquitaine
Read about the Saint for today - June 25 and spare a thought for family or friends who might suffering from ill health or are experiencing times of trouble.

Saint for the Day - June 25

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Saint for the Day - June 25 - St. Prosper of Aquitaine

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