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Rosary Bible Verses

Look no further to read the verses that corresponds to each individual mystery of the rosary. Sorrowful, Joyful, Luminous and Glorious Mysteries. An important part of the rosary devotion is to meditate on the relevant mystery which is announced at the beginning of each decade.

Unless you are familiar with the specific bible verses, you cannot fully take part in the devotion. A free online Catholic resource which you can refer to time and time again to learn the individual bible verses that relate to the mysteries which make up each set or decade of this beautiful catholic rosary prayer.

Bible Verses - Rosary Prayer

The rosary is a truly inspirational catholic prayer which can be recited alone in silence or as part of a group, family or congregation, being aware of the relevant bible verses enables you to fully appreciate the mystery being prayed. 

Learning the bible verses is a wonderful way to teach your children about this special catholic prayer. Use the rosary beads to help you keep note of your progress while you are contemplating the bible verses, use our visual guide to find out the sequence of prayers and where to begin and end.

Bible Verses


Sorrowful Mysteries

The First Sorrowful Mystery Bible Verse - The Agony In The Garden

The Second Sorrowful Mystery Bible Verse The Scourging At The Pillar

The Third Sorrowful Mystery Bible Verse The Crowning With Thorns

The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery Bible Verse The Carrying Of The Cross

The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery Bible Verse - The Crucifixion and Death Of Our Lord Jesus


Joyful Mysteries
Bible Verses

The First Joyful Mystery Bible Verse- The Annunciation

The Second Joyful Mystery Bible Verse - The Visitation

The Third Joyful Mystery Bible Verse - The Nativity

The Fourth Joyful Mystery Bible Verse The Presentation of Jesus In The Temple

The Fifth Joyful Mystery Bible Verse The Finding of Jesus In The Temple


Glorious Mysteries

The First Glorious Mystery Bible Verse - The Resurrection of Jesus From The Dead

The Second Glorious Mystery Bible Verse The Ascension of Jesus Into Heaven

The Third Glorious Mystery Bible Verse The Descent of The Holy Spirit

The Fourth Glorious Mystery Bible Verse The Assumption of Mary Into Heaven

The Fifth Glorious Mystery - The Coronation of Mary


Luminous Mysteries

The First Luminous Mystery Bible Verse The Baptism of Jesus

The Second Luminous Mystery Bible Verse Wedding At Cana

The Third Luminous Mystery Bible Verse Proclamation of The Kingdom

The Fourth Luminous Mystery Bible Verse Transfiguration of Jesus

The Fifth Luminous Mystery Bible Verse Institution of The Holy Eucharist


Bible Verses


Rosary Bible Verses

Do you know the verse that correspond to each Mystery? Learn the bible verses when you to pray the rosary. We have included a step by step guide for you to follow.

The rosary prayer is a beautiful catholic devotion which is prayed by repeating individual prayers in a particular sequence while contemplating on the bible verses that correspond to each mystery. Understanding the individual bible verses for the mystery being prayed is a vital component of the rosary prayer.

Rosary Bible Verses - Gospel and Chapter

This section contains information on all the Bible Verses as well as the gospel and chapter they are taken from.  To say the rosary ensure you always begin by holding the crucifix of the rosary beads in your right hand. After each individual rosary prayer, move your fingers from one bead to the next. Each individual bead represents a single prayer. Read our easy to follow guide for more information.



We hope that you gain spiritual inspiration from the information provided on praying the rosary and the text to the specific bible verses.  A free Christian resource for information on the rosary including the text to the relevant bible scripture (relevant bible verse. You can print the page and refer to whenever you need to or perhaps use it compile your own catholic prayer book.

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