Pray The Stations of the Cross

Learn how to pray the stations of the cross, also referred to as the Way of the Cross. A free online Catholic resource which you can refer to time and time again to learn about this beautiful catholic devotion. The Way of The Cross is a truly inspirational catholic prayer which can be recited alone in silence or aloud as part of a group, family or congregation. It is a wonderful prayer to teach your children.

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Pray The Stations of The Cross  - Step-By-Step Guide to this Inspirational Catholic Prayer...

Use our visual guide to learn the sequence of prayers and responses. You will find out where to begin and end as well as how to announce the stations to be prayed.

Stations of the Cross - Step By Step Guide

Click Here for a Step By Step Guide to Praying the The Stations of The Cross

Follow our step by step guide to help you pray this inspirational catholic devotion.

Way of The Cross - List of Stations

  • 1st Station
    Jesus is condemned to death
    (Mark 15: 1-15, Matthew 27:23-31)
  • 2nd Station
    Jesus takes up the Cross
    (John 19:13-17, John 19: 5)
  • 3rd Station
    Jesus falls for the first time
    (Isaiah 53: 4-7, Matthew 11:28-30)
  • 5th Station
    Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry his Cross
    (Mark 15: 21)
  • 6th Station
    Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
    (John 14: 9, Matthew 25:40)
  • 7th Station
    Jesus falls the second time (Hebrews 4:15, Isaiah 63: 9)
  • 8th Station
    Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem
    (Luke 23: 27-31)
  • 10th Station
    Jesus is stripped of his garments
    (John 19: 23-24)
  • 12th Station
    Jesus dies on the Cross
    (John 19: 28-37, Matthew 27: 50)
  • 13th Station
    Jesus is taken down from the Cross
    (John 19: 38-40)

We hope that you gain spiritual inspiration from the information provided on how to pray The Way of The Cross.  A free Catholic resource for information on this beautiful and important catholic devotion. Watch our useful videos about the different stations, complete with beautiful music and pictures. They are an ideal resource for teaching your own children or perhaps using as part of catechism classes in preparation for Holy Eucharist or First Holy Communion or during the season of Lent.

Pray The Way of The Cross

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